Leave No Trace

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Leave No Trace

At Track N Trail, we have long believed in leaving no trace.

Before carbon footprints and a green economy were a thing, we were there. We live, work and play in an outdoor environment where we get to enjoy the great outdoors and so that means that not only do we believe in our motto, Take It Outside, but we also have long believed in Leave No Trace.

We vow to work with companies who practice ethical environmental responsibility and to practice that same accountability in ourselves. We've long been recyclers, but we believe accountability goes further than that which is why we support initiatives like the CPAWS Northern Alberta chapter campaigns (Protect Your Headwaters was recently donated $3000 on behalf of Track N Trail and Patagonia) and wildlife rehabilitation. If we want to enjoy our time outside and lessen our environmental impact, we all need to play a role and we're happy to contribute and lead in our community where we can.

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