Men Revo Ascent Snowshoe 25"

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For travelling through deep backcountry snow or chugging up rough terrain. Aggressive and durable, these snowshoes have durable steel crampons for biting into uneven routes with hard-packed snow or freezing ground. Heel lifts give you a boost on climbs, and extra rigidity built into the nose supports your strong kicksteps into the slope.

  • ExoTract deck has steel around the perimeter for traction, and plastic as the deck material for flexibility and great performance in the cold.
  • Posi-Lock AT bindings are secure, freeze resistant (down to -28°C), and accommodate any footwear.
  • DTX crampons are made of a single piece of thick martensite steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Ergo Televator heel lifts reduce fatigue and improve traction while climbing, and are easily engaged with your pole.
  • Compatible with MSR Revo Tails (sold separately) when you need additional flotation for heavier loads or less supportive snow.
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