Team CT2 Pole Kit

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The pole is engineered with the patented Swix Triac Basket System (TBS) which enables you to change baskets in the field within seconds! Almost as stiff as Star, but at the same time stronger. Excellent for mass starts where poles are often subject to impact from other poles and skis. In addition to the Carbon leaf interchangeable basket the pole comes with PC handle with natural cork in grip zone and the Pro Fit 2 strap in neoprene and nylon. Stiffness: 41,5 mm Weight: 67 gr/m Strength: 72 kp Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm - 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, competition racing, skating and classic skiing

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