The Pipestone Wolves

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A compelling and lavishly illustrated photography book full of behavioural insights and wolf tales that will engage those interested in the state of wild wolves throughout North America. In the winter of 2008-09, a new wolf family from the Pipestone Valley suddenly appeared in the Bow Valley of Banff National Park, taking up residence alongside a family that had ruled there for over a decade. Within a year, these new wolves had eliminated the Bow Valley wolves and established a dominance that would last for five years in the heart of Canada's most famous national park.

Günther Bloch has observed wild wolves in Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and North America. He is the author of six international bestselling books and several hundred magazine articles on wolf and dog behaviour. He has been the owner of the Canid Behaviour Center, a research facility in Germany, since 1977.

Title:The Pipestone Wolves: The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family (Hardcover)
Product dimensions:224 pages, 8.5 X 11 X 1 in
Published:July 8, 2016
Publisher:RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
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