Bear Beware Regular (No Holster) 225g

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This deterrent spray is a cayenne based defensive spray which is used to help stop, or prevent attacks by wild animals. The spray contains a derivative of cayenne peppers called oleoresin capsicum. The contents pose no environmental threat or no permanent effect on animals or humans who may come in contact with the spray.

Pepper sprays reduce the risk of an attack when sprayed into the facial area by affecting the mucous membranes, the eyes and respiratory system. This results in temporary blindness, shortness of breath, choking and gagging.

Nothing can take the place of good sense and safety. People whose daily activity may possibly put them in a situation where a bear or other wild animal may become a reality should educate themselves and be aware of the potential for an attack. Carrying a pepper spray deterrent does not warrant careless or disrespectful behavior. It does, however, provide an alternative to physical violence or death when potentially life-threatening situations arise.

  • Orange safety clip on the handle guards against accidental discharge
  • Brushed aluminum can
  • Range: 6 to 7 meters or 20 feet
  • Level of active ingredient: 0.75% Capsaicin


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