Birkie Wax Recommendations for 2023 from Swix & Track N Trail: Feb 6 Update

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Birkie Wax Recommendations for 2023 from Swix & Track N Trail: Feb 6 Update

A list of wax recommendations for the Canadian Birkebeiner, 2023 edition.

The following tips are suggested based on the current weather forecast as of Feb 1st  for Elk Island National Park.

 Final grooming usually occurs on Friday late into the night before the Birkie.  Updates will be provided after further skiing and testing


WEATHER and TEMPERATURES   9am -6  11am -4C  1:30 pm -1C  Snow Type: ice, new snow, fine grain all mixed in 



Swix Structure Tool: 0.5 mm linear structure (imprint roller that gives linear structure). Use a medium pressure. Behind the kick zone


NOTE: Your final kick wax selection, how much wax is needed, wax pocket length will be based on your skiing style/your experience with your skis, and final weather conditions at the start time of your event. Clean off old kick wax with wax remover before applying glide wax


GLIDE: Experienced 

Glider Base Prep:

1. Start with a light brush with a T0179 steel brush or bronze brush. Wipe clean with Fiberlene.
2. Clean skis with Swix Glide Wax Cleaner (apply cleaner, nylon brush cleaner on base, wipe clean with Fiberlene). Let stand 5 -10 minutes. 
3. Light brush with steel or bronze brush, wipe clean with Fiberlene.
4. Melt a bead of glider on tip and tails. Set Iron Temperature to that shown on the wax container. Iron 2 times.
Pro Speed: Swix TSB7 or Pro Marathon or High Speed HS07  Let Cool 10 min,  
5. Finish: Scrape with Swix Plexi Scraper & brush T0179 steel brush or medium brass brush. Finish nylon brush


GLIDE: Performance and Easy

  1. Set iron to temperature on the wax container. Melt a bead of wax on the tips and tails. Iron in 3 seconds tip, 3 seconds tail on the tail with Swix PS07 (Blue glider).
  2.  Repeat Ironing of wax- Let cool off 10 minutes.
  3. Scrape off with a Swix Plexi Scraper, and brush with a Swix Bronze or Steel Brush. Finish with a Nylon Brush.
  4. Alternatively use liquid spray glider. Finish with the Swix red or blue nylon polish brush. See Swixschool | Swix ( for videos on the application process for glide waxing and liquids

    Easiest Option: At room temp: apply liquid glider. Let dry & absorb for 20 minutes. Finish with a nylon brush. *Track N Trail note: we're recommending the Vauhti Liquid Mid Glide



  1. Sand (rub) the clean grip zone area with #100 grit silicon sandpaper.
  2. Spray on a thin layer for KB20 base klister
  3. Apply a layer of VG35 Green Base. Iron in and let it cool off. Alternatively, KX20 base klister, ironed in and let cool 15 min
  4. Apply 2 layers of V30 Blue. Grip Cork smooth between layers
  5. Apply 3-4 layers of VP50 grip Smooth carefully out between each layer. 
  6. If your skis are slippery adjust with more layers VP55 or VP60.


GRIP: Alternative 13 km.


  1. Sand (rub) the clean grip zone area with #100 grit silicon sandpaper.
  2. Apply a layer of VG35 Green Base Iron in and let cool off. Alternatively, VG 35 spray – let dry.
  3. Apply 2 layer of V30 Blue Grip cork smooth between each layer
  4. Apply 3-4 layers of V45 Special Purple grip Smooth carefully with a cork between each layer.
  5. How many layers of grip wax you should apply depends on the stiffness of the skis and length of your wax pocket
  6. If your skis are slippery adjust with more layers or use V50 Purple.
  7. To adjust during the race, use thin layers of V50.



If you are using skis with integrated skins we recommend cleaning the skins with Swix N22 Skin Cleaner and then impregnate the skin with N20 Swix Skin Impregnation to improve the skins water repellant properties. Lastly, boost the glide and grip properties with Swix N21 Skin Boost.

See .Swixschool | Swix ( for videos/demos of how to apply all of these products.

Our suggestions to take on your ski for Saturday for touch-ups are:

Pro & High Speed – (VP50, VP55, VP60Performance Speed (V45, V50, V60) carry along on the ski, a cork and a scraper to remove any debris that might stick to your wax or if your skis ice up.

Final Swix Wax Tips will be available at the Birkie Fair after we do some skiing and testing on the groomed Birkie trails.

Come see us at the Track N Trail table at the Birkebeiner 2023 Nordic Fair or at the Event Start area for updated waxing information

Excellent Videos on glide or kick waxing are available at Swixschool | Swix (    

Happy trails!


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