Men's Shield Split Mitt

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New for 2018 Swix introduces a line of Thermal Weight mittens and gloves designed for colder temperatures, and the Shield Split Mitt is part of their System IV protection category, designed for weather weather and featuring water resistance and windproofing with a three layer twill membrane. The split mitt cut provides better dexterity than a conventional mitten, and for a more refined grip, while still snuggling fingers together for extra warmth. A split mitt also has less bulk between the fingers, putting less strain on the joints, making these an attractive alternative for anyone suffering from issues that are exacerbated by pushing the fingers apart, as an insulated glove tends to do. Swix uses Amara fabric on the palms, a fabric similar to Kevlar but with less slip for a better grip on poles and, happily, digital devices, because the fingertips have digitalized reinforcement so you can grab the phone and get the shot without having to yank your mitts off. Fully insulated with refined PrimaLoft® insulation, with terry wipes on the thumbs for discrete tidying, these are a cold weather mitt designed for the cross country skier out to enjoy the kick and glide, the winter runner, or a jog around the neighborhood with the dog. Lighter than alpine ski mittens, these have just the right amount of insulation and flexibility to keep you comfortable on the trail.

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