R60 Click Poles

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Favored by the most demanding skiers, Salomon’s R 60 CLICK poles deliver lightweight performance to every pole-plant. Made with 60% carbon, these remarkably stiff and reliable poles feature a Click grip that adds an element of convenience to your time on snow.


  • Power transfer: A solid, 60% carbon shaft and ergonomic grip ensure maximum power transfer with each pole-plant.
  • Lightweight: Made with a 60% carbon shaft, these lightweight poles minimize fatigue so you can keep going even longer.
  • Convenience: These poles’ ErgoClick Grip facilitates one-handed pole removal on the go.


  • 60 % Carbon shaft with a 16mm diameter at the top that tapers down to 9mm near the tip.
  • Ergoclick
  • Click Strap
  • Racing M: A medium aerodynamic basket which provides a good level of support in all kinds of snow. The perfect fit for shafts with a 9mm diameter tip.
  • Tungsten: This Tungsten tip is very hard, allowing for good adhesion in all snow conditions and offering high wear resistance.
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