Swix VR

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  • VR30 - Light Blue: Cold to extremely cold conditions
  • VR40 - Blue: Normal, subfreesing temperature
  • VR45 - Light Violet: Flexible wax for temperatures around freezing and colder
  • VR50 - Violet: Approaching zero, fresh snow
  • VR55N - Violet Soft: NEW Wax, slightly moist snow around freezing
  • VR55 - Violet Silver: Zero and above moist snow
  • VR60 - Silver: Wet snow with little water content, old finegrained snow
  • VR62 - Klisterwax Hard: Best when fresh slighty wet to moist snow
  • VR65 - Red Yellow Silver: Moist snow
  • VR70 - Klisterwax Red: Wet and moist new snow
  • VR75 - Klisterwax Soft: Wet snow and glazy tracks
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