Banff Mountain Film Fest FAQ

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Banff Mountain Film Fest FAQ

Trying to answer the most repeated questions.

What is the difference between the Track and Trail programs?

They're just a cute play off our names. Program A and Program B sounded too boring. They will be completely different programs with no actual film overlap between the two programs. Each program will be made up of approximately 8 unique films. It doesn't mean one is a ski program and one is a climb program. We try to vary up the programs so each one has a fun mix of sports and culture.

When will the programs be released?

Typically our programs are finalized by about mid-December barring an unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes things change (new films get released for the tour, some films get pulled off, some programming choices have to change), but December 15th is a good target for the final programs.

I bought tickets online/over the phone. Can I pick up in-store or at the box office?

You can do either! We prefer if you pick up in-store as the will call area can get packed quickly on the day of the show, but we understand that not everyone can make it in. If you don't grab your tickets ahead of time, we will bring them to the door on the day of the show.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

While we do list a price "at the door" we are usually long sold out for most shows. Call us or check online to see if there are still tickets left for your preferred show.

Is it assigned seating or general admission?

It is general admission, so if you prefer an area, get there early! We don't allow people to block off entire rows for friends, so have everyone arrive on time to sit together. There aren't any bad seats in the house, but please arrive early!

Are there concessions/beer?

Yes! Metro provides concessions and beer (usually cash only), so please line up early and get your beverages and popcorn (which are all allowed in theatre).


  1. Aron Schilf Aron Schilf

    Hi Michael, you can order tickets here. They just went live tonight!

  2. Michael Jones Michael Jones

    I wish to buy tickets. I was told on the phone I could do so online from this web site. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do so. Hope you can help?

  3. Aron Schilf Aron Schilf

    Hi Janice,

    Yes, we do 8 shows and they consistently sell out, with the weekend shows the first to go. With the tickets going on sale in November, you usually have a month/month and a half to grab some of the weekend tickets.

    The shows play at Metro Cinema/the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton.

    -Track N Trail

  4. Janice Janice

    I've attended the BMFF in past years while it was touring Vancouver Island. I've never attended in Edmonton. Where will films be shown? Does it normally sell out? (On VI, it was one of the hottest tickets going, and line-ups for tickets were crazy long.)

  5. Aron Schilf Aron Schilf

    Hi Dubravka,

    The easiest thing to do would be to put in the notes who is picking them up or alternatively having them shipped to the client who you wish to gift them to. Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone at 1-780-432-1707.

  6. Dubravka Karlovic-Babic Dubravka Karlovic-Babic

    Hi there, i'd like to purchase tickets as a gift but I am not in the country, so i am not going to pick them up. How can the people who are to receive this gift proof its for them, and when and where they can get the ticks? What is the process in this case?

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