Birkie Wax Recommendations from Swix 2022

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  • By Vaughn McGrath & Aron Schilf
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Birkie Wax Recommendations from Swix 2022

Wax Recommendations for the 2022 Canadian Birkebeiner

Expected Air Temperature 9 a.m.  – 5C    11 a.m.  -3    1:30 p.m. -1C

Snow Type: Fine & Large Grain with Ice Crystals after Grooming   
Humidity: 70-85%


GLIDE (Easy)

  1. Iron in 1-2 times PS7/Purple Glider Let cool. Iron in once more and let cool. Scrape with a Swix Plexi Scraper, brush with a Medium Bronze Brush.
  2. Finish - Blue Nylon Polish Brush.
  3. Easy Option: Swix Liquid TS8 Red

GLIDE (Experienced)

  1. Start with a light brush with a steel brush or bronze brush.
  2. Wipe clean with Fiberlene. Clean/condition skis with Swix Glide Wax Cleaner (apply cleaner, nylon brush cleaner on base, wipe clean) Let stand to dry for 5 minutes.
  3. (3a)If you have a graphite or moly hardener, you could apply this as a base to eliminate some static and drag with the old snow. (3b). Next Iron in a layer of Swix TS7 or HS7. Cool 5 minutes, scrape & brush with Medium Bronze or Fine Steel brush.


  1. Sand (rub) the clean grip zone area with #100 or #150 grit silicon sandpaper.
  2. Apply Green Base Klister Spray – or thin layer KX 20 Green Klister (ironed in), smooth with cork.  Finish with thumb. Let sit 10 minutes outside.
  3. Option for more base klister: Apply KX 30 Blue thin layer with light heat. Let sit inside 5 min, then outside to cool 5 min.
  4. Grip Klister: Apply KX 40S, KX 35 or KS21S light heat. Use a light brush or thumb to spread thin and smooth.  Let sit 5 min inside and then outside to cool 5 min. (Store final skis in cool place)
  5. May want to cover with 1-2 layers of VP 45 or 40, cork lightly each layer - for faster skis off the start.

Our suggestions to take on your Birkie ski on Saturday for touch ups

 VP45, VP50, VP55, or VR45, VR50, V55, a cork & a scraper to remove any stick, leaves etc. that might stick to your wax or if your skis ice up.


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