PAS (Personal Anchor System) 22kn

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Redesigned personal anchor system, it's super-safe and quick-to-rig as a multi-length attachment for belay stations and anchors. It was designed out of concern for the common misuse of daisy chains in anchor systems. Daisy chains are only full strength end to end, but are often attached to the anchor at the middle loops where they are only designed to handle static body weight.

  • Constructed from 11mm monster webbing (36% Dyneema® and 64% nylon). 13mm girth hitch loop.
  • Multiple full strength interconnecting loops offer versatile anchor points.
  • 96.5cm length.
  • Each loop is rated to 22kN.
  • Meets certification for UIAA 104/EN 566 sling standard.


Black/Green and Blue/Yellow colours available, please inquire or leave a note with purchase.

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