S/Max eSkin Pre-Mounted Shift-In

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Lightweight, durable and more sustainable, this skin ski delivers a precise, secure and silent grip in all snow conditions. Ideal for skiers looking for racing sensations, you can now shift your binding and adjust your grip and glide while staying on your skis. Delivered in pack, just slide the Shift-In binding on the plate and go!


  • Lightweight & more sustainable: Blending the proven durability of Densolite with the lightness of recycled PET foam, the S-CORE 45 uses nine recycled plastic bottles to make 45% of the core’s weight.
  • Ultimate performance: Built in the S/LAB Carbon Classic mold, this ski brings you all the performance of a World Cup classic while offering more convenience and versatility.
  • Customize Grip & Glide: While on your skis simply turn the shift-in button right for more grip, left for more glide or keep it in the “0” position for the best of both worlds.


  • G5 Universal base
  • S-CORE 45
  • World Cup Universal Grinding
  • Fluor Free Pre-Waxed by Swix
  • Classic Parallel Sidecut
  • 29 Universal
  • D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control
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