Swix VP

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The VP line is available in the same system as other kick waxes from Swix, covering all temperatures from minus 20 degrees to plus two degrees. The VP-line is primarily designed for racers and ambitious non-racing individuals, but can also be used by recreational skiers who want the optimal skiing experience. The VP line is 100% fluoro-free, non-toxic, and degradable.

  • VP30 - Light blue kick wax designed for dry and cold to extremely cold conditions.
  • VP40 - Blue kick wax designed for dry and cold winter conditions.
  • VP45 - Purple-blue kick wax designed for normal winter conditions well below the freezing point.
  • VP50 - Purple kick wax designed for conditions a few degrees below the freezing point.
  • 70 - Klisterwax Red: Wet and moist new snow
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