Hanwag FAQs

Hanwag FAQs

Can my Hanwags be resoled?

Yes! All of the Hanwags we sell can be resoled.

Where can I get my Hanwags resoled and how much does it cost?

We recommend two different places for resoling your Hanwags. Wallace Shoe Making (9610-76 Ave) in Edmonton can be reached at (780) 432-7041, and Gold Star Shoe Rebuilders in Vancouver can be reached at (604) 734-7477.

Resoling is usually about $100, but contact your cobbler for a more accurate estimate.

What is Hanwag’s warranty?

All Hanwag footwear comes with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. This includes things like stitching, lace rivets, and the glue on the rand and sole. It does not include normal wear and tear. If you suspect a defect with your boots or shoes and you bought them less than a year ago, feel free to email us some photos or, better yet, bring them to the shop so we can get the warranty process started.

If your boots were bought more than a year ago, most problems can be fixed by a cobbler (see above for recommendations), or with your own Freesole repair.

What is your return policy on footwear?

Returns and exchanges are accepted for 14 days after the date of purchase. The footwear must be in new condition (not worn outside) for returns to be accepted.

If you mail ordered your shoes and they don’t fit, mail your boots back to us with a receipt inside the box and a note letting us know which size you need, and we will cover the shipping for your new pair.

What size of Hanwags should I order?

We find that Hanwags usually fit true to size. Order your regular size and if they aren’t the right fit we will be happy to do an exchange!

I see that my Hanwags are a UK size. What does that mean?

US sizing is an easy conversion to UK! For men, take your usual US size and subtract 1. For women, take your usual US size and subtract 2. So if you’re a men’s US 10, you’re a UK 9. If you’re a women’s US 7, you’re a UK 5.

Which boots should I get?

That depends on what you’re doing with them!

Alaskas and Yukons are our best sellers. They are the same boots except that the Alaskas have a waterproof Gore-Tex lining, and the Yukons do not. This means that you have the peace of mind of knowing your boots are fully waterproof. The Yukons’ leather can be treated so that they are highly water resistant, and they have a full leather lining, which is more durable than the fabric interior of the Alaskas.

The Trapper is built on the same last as the Alaska, but is made 3″ taller.

The Special Force is similar to the Alaska, but is a little bit lighter, softer, fits narrower, and does not have the same protective rand that the Alaska does. The lacing system utilizes D-rings instead of lace hooks, which have less chance of snagging on things.

Still not sure? Do you have questions about other styles that we carry? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

How do I treat my Hanwag footwear?

If your Hanwags have a waterproof Gore-Tex lining, you must use a water-based treatment. Oil-based treatments such as mink oil will over time clog the pores of the Gore-Tex and severely reduce the breathability of the boot. We always recommend Nikwax products for treatment of footwear that has Gore-Tex.

You know your boots need to be treated when water easily soaks into the fabric or leather, instead of beading and rolling off.


  1. Aron Schilf Aron Schilf

    Hi Jonathan,

    We do offer a discount for military. Please check your email!


    Track N Trail

  2. Jonathan Jonathan

    I'm looking at getting the Hanwag Special Forces boots and was wondering if you give a military discount.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Aron Schilf Aron Schilf

    Hi Todd, we do! We offer a 10% discount to RCMP. Please check your email for the coupon code.

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