Men's Alaska GTX

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A beautiful, one piece leather construction, this double-stitched upper comes in a black smooth leather finish or a light rough out brown nubuck leather.  Your feet will thank you! 

Recommended Products for Maintenance:

Black Boots: Nikwax Liquid Black or Cream Wax

Brown Boots: Nikwax Nubuck and Suede

| Jason H 06-02-2019 00:32

As an infantry soldier who lives close enough to the Rocky Mountains to go hiking on a weekend whenever the urge strikes me, I have spent my entire adult life in boots. Since 2007, those boots have exclusively been Alaskas. These things are beasts! I've put them through their paces for over a decade now and they have yet to let me down. Other than task-specific reasons (safety rating, extreme cold weather, etc.) I will never purchase anything else and I can't emphasize how highly I recommend these boots.

- Incredibly durable. Treat them right and they'll outlast your physical ability to beat them up. All I use is water to clean them and Nikwax to protect them and my oldest pair is 12 years old. DO NOT use kiwi boot polish! This crap eats away the adhesive holding the rubber to the leather.
- No break-in time. I completed a 13km rucksack march as a 220 lbs man with a 60 lbs pack in just under 2 hours less than a week after I purchased them without even a hot spot.
- Great traction. Edmonton in the winter and I've never fell... enough said. You want superior traction? Buy something with studs.

- They're expensive. However, you definitely get what you pay for in spades. Army folks: BOOTFORGEN reimbursement means you only pay like $60 with your military discount.
- They're warm in the summer. I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't sweat so this doesn't bother me. I wear them from the +30s to -20s celsius.
- They're heavy. Again, this doesn't bother me but it's the main issue I hear from other owners.

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