S/Lab eSkin PM Shift Race

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Engineered to amplify both kick and acceleration, S/Lab eSkin, the lightest Nordic skin ski Salomon has ever made makes it easy to adjust your setup to the track profile and snow condition. Just slide the Shift-In binding on the plate, click into your skis and optimize your grip and glide without ever needing to get off your skis.

INSTANT ACCELERATION: In the glide phase the THIN PLY carbon layer positioned strategically at the back of the ski lifts the camber, releasing the pressure from the skin for instant acceleration. 

WORLD CUP-LIKE TREATMENT: Hand-picked and grinded by our team of experts, this skin ski set delivers World Cup-like performance without the hassle of daily waxing. 

FAST, WHATEVER THE SNOW CONDITIONS: The new G5% universal base excels in all the snow conditions you may find on the race track. It tested up to 5% faster than the previous universal version

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