Quark Hammer Ice Tool

Article number: CHA041
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This versatile tool has a nice balanced swing that works well on pure ice, and a straight lower shaft that penetrates soft snow for technical mountaineering. The heads' modular construction allows you to remove the hammer, swap out the pick, and add (optional) components such as pick weights or an adze.

  • Slightly-curved upper shaft provides clearance under the head. T-rated shaft.
  • Lower shaft can be plunged in soft snow.
  • Equipped with T-rated ICE pick. 3mm-thick tip penetrates thin ice and allows stable hooking on ice or rock.
  • Fully modular head with interchangeable pick. Equipped with a hammer, optional adze available.
  • Ergonomic over-moulded handle provides good grip, even for smaller hands.
  • Upper Trigrest platform offers a solid grip and comfortable hand switching. The locking lever (bottom trigger) swivels up so you adjust the position without tools.
  • Adjustable Griprest offers a platform for leashless climbing and has a carabiner hole and folds up for efficient plunging.
  • Includes ICE pick, hammer, Trigrest, and Griprest.
  • CE and UIAA certified.
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